1. This App Is very Simple You have many options to choose from.

2. Choose a Category you like the most or have interest in or want to try your luck.

3. Choose a Subcategory and Answer the questions.

4. You get points for every correct answer.

5. Answer as many quizzes as you like and earn points.

6. After you reach a minimum withdrawal threshold you can withdraw your points for the reward of your choice.

7. New withdrawal option will be added soon as per user request.

8. This App do not pay you cash, only rewards and gift cards are provided.

9. Approval of rewards may take up to 5-15 days depending upon certain situations.

10. Points may take some time to show up in your profile but they are added successfully!

11. Happy Earning….!!!!


How much time it takes to reach the minimum requirement?

It totally depends on how much time you invest in this App, typically a player can reach the threshold in almost one month if answers almost 150-200 questions per day.

Can you pay me by cash?


How can I suggest new Categories to You?

You can contact us through email:

How long you will take to approve my withdrawal?

We have a limited staff and hectic work schedule, so your Approval may take up to 15 business days.

Why you not replying to my emails?

We have limited staff and can not entertain every email we get but in most cases, we reply within 2 working days.

Why my withdraw got rejected?

We have your in-app activity data and if you use any illegal/wrong method such as rooted device and increasing your points then we have the right to reject your approval!

How am I going to use the Withdraw code you sent me?

Please follow the instruction sent to you in the email with your Gift Card Code.

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